e-noticeEver wish you could receive an email alert whenever your account balance dips below a certain amount? Or maybe you’d like a reminder before your loan payment is due?

Now you can have e-Notifications regarding your account activity sent to the email address of your choice.

With E-Notifications, you receive personalized email updates about the status of your BPFCU checking, loan accounts and certificate of deposits. Simply choose the E-Notifications you want, specify the trigger amounts and we’ll notify you when those conditions are met. Best of all, this service is absolutely free!

How do I sign up for e-Notifications?

  1. Log in to your CU WorldWide Account (for instructions see Home Banking).
  2. Click on the “e-Notes” link found on the left under the “Services” heading.
  3. Click on the “BP e-Notifications” link.
  4. Click on the “Enroll in BP e-Notifications” link.
  5. Enter your desired email address to receive notifications.
  6. Click “Accept“.
  7. Securely Logout by clicking the “Logout” link.

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