Information Regarding Your Credit Card

As part of BP Federal Credit Union’s commitment to providing superior service to our members, we are updating our credit card system. Due to the upcoming changes, current credit cardholders will receive new cards and new card numbers.

Some of the enhancements of your new VISA® include:

  • Card Control (easily activate / deactivate your card as needed & much more on the app)
  • Apple, Google, Samsung Pay compatibility for your digital wallet
  • Contactless Functionality
  • VISA® Roadside Assistance

Cardholders will receive a new card with a new card number. Keep both cards, old and new through FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2020. On SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2020 activate your new card and destroy your old one. Switch any automatic payments over to avoid interruptions.

Mastercard® holders will receive a new Mastercard® for now and will be transitioned to our new VISA product soon.

You may contact the credit union with any questions regarding your new credit card at 281.870.8000.